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9 Gift Ideas for Photographers

gift ideas for photographers

Does anyone out there actually love Christmas shopping for other people? If you do, please teach me your ways because figuring out Christmas presents is one of the banes of my existence. All my fellow Christmas-gift-challenged friends out there, I have created a list of gift ideas for photographers! If you’re shopping for a photographer or just someone who loves photography these items are wonderful and won’t disappoint!

1. Instax Mini Camera

This is a great just-for-fun kind of gift ideas for photographers! I have one and love to use it to document our day-to-day. I keep the prints in a little glass box in my office that we love to leaf through occasionally.

2. Phone Tripod/Stand/Clamp

The best camera is the one you have with you. It can be a headache to bust out the big camera for quick day-to-day shots to capture you with your kids. The best and easiest solution- a tripod for your phone. I have the clamp style which I like because I can usually find a good surface to clamp it onto and not worry about kids knocking it over. No more excuses mama, get in the picture!

3. Documenting your Family with Video Course

The photographer or mom-tographer with a billion little video clips and photos on her phone, this one for her. This video course is amazing and one of my favorite investments in how I document my family. Sam Kelly’s video course is easy to follow because she breaks everything down for you and sets you up to succeed. Use my code “Maddie” to get an extra $5 off (PS it usually stacks with other sales!).

4. External Hard Drive

A very practical gift ideas for photographers that will be a huge blessing in the long run! External hard drives are the best way to organize and save images. It took me a while and a few computers to realize how much space photos take up. I highly recommend getting an external hard drive and using it for just photos. I have one hard drive for my family photos and then another one for all my client photos. It’ll save a ton of memory and space on your computer. Huge win!

5. Card Reader

This makes life a thousand times easier! A card reader helps with downloading images from a memory card instead of doing it through the camera. I highly recommend it for any photographer who transfers a lot of photos at one time.

6. Starter DSLR (Canon EOS Rebel T8i)

Alright, are you ready for the big guns? This is Canon’s latest intro DSLR. I had a Rebel for my first camera and they’ve only gotten better. If you are looking to become a professional photographer or upgrade the camera you currently use, this is the one for you.

7. Starter lens (50mm 1.8 lens)

Here’s another level-up Christmas gift. This is the most affordable lens upgrade from a kit lens. It’s a prime lens which means you have to move to get the shot that you want, there’s no twisting the lens and zooming in and out while you stay in one spot. But if you’re looking to capture that blurry background and crisp images, this is the starter lens you want.

8. Personalized Camera Strap

A cute and fun Christmas gift ideas for photographers! I love a classic leather camera strap and they just get comfier the more you use them. But feel free to explore and find the best strap for your photographer!

9. Camera Bags

Another cute Christmas gift option for your photographer! I have the bigger version of this bag and I’m obsessed with it. I’ve traveled with it and it has space for everything you might need. Investing in a well-built and cute camera bag is one of the best purchases you can make.

I hope this list helps if you’re shopping for a photographer! We’re pretty easy, anything to improve our cameras or share our photos and we’re happy campers. Check out these gift ideas for photographers on Black Friday to snag some awesome sales! And see if there is something in my gift guide for Beginner Photographers.

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