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I like giggling with children, being silly, snuggling newborns, and making sure mamas get in the picture. I’m so glad you’re here! Please click around to get a feel for me and how I capture beauty in the everyday mess of life. 

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5 Plus Size Fall Photo Outfits 2023 for the Confident Mom

Guest post by Lauren Johnson. Lauren is a plus-size mama raising two boys and working as a writer and editor in Fresno, California. 

Plus Size Fall Photo Outfits with guest blogger Lauren Johnson

Hey there mamas, it’s time for another round of plus size fall photo outfits for my plus-size babes out there (Check out my 2022, 2021, and 2020 posts for the full archive experience). It’s 2023 and this year we’re finally back to a little bit of normal life – which is, quite frankly, a whole other type of crazy. For me, this fall is a special cocktail of sports practices, school carnival planning, and holiday travel. 

To sum up: I have no time for shenanigans. No time. And girl, I know neither do you. 

That’s where this no-fail guide to Plus Size Fall Photo Outfits comes in. Because the true secret to winning at family outfits is this: 

Start with mom’s wardrobe first!

Once you’ve nailed down your look, it’s not that bad to figure out the rest. That’s why I’m sharing five fall lewks for my busy moms who want to look fabulous in their family photos – and on their Christmas cards.

To set expectations, you should know that my top priorities when choosing a family outfit are as follows:

  1. Comfort: I want something that’s not too tight, too fussy, too easy to wrinkle, etc.
  2. Style: I know what works well for my figure, so I gravitate toward scoop, square, or v-neck dresses that are knee length or shorter. 
  3. Versatility: I like to choose something in a small print or solid color so building the rest of the outfits around my ensemble isn’t too tricky. I also prioritize finding something I will wear over and over again outside of the photo session. 
  4. Rizzz: If I don’t feel gorgeous in it, that’s a no. I need maximum confidence on photo days.

Plus Size Fall Photo Outfits

Alright, who’s ready to come along on this journey to find a button-down shirt that won’t gap at the bust and a dress with sleeves that doesn’t choke my beefy biceps?! Let’s goooooooo!

  1. Torrid Balloon Sleeve Twist Front Dress ($80, sizes L – 6X)

I ordered this dress over the summer in anticipation of plus size fall photo outfits ideas and have absolutely zero regrets. Planning to pair it with clogs, huge earrings, and as many gold bangles as I can thrift. I love the v-neck, the knee-length hem, and the long sleeves to give more of a fall/winter vibe. The fall print is only in stock in a few sizes, but the emerald green is in stock in all sizes and is also gorgeous. Torrid dresses tend to run a little bit large, so if you’re in between sizes, go ahead and size down. 

  1. Torrid vintage bootcut jeans ($80, sizes 10-30) + crinkle flannel button up ($60, sizes M-6X)

These bootcut jeans are like the sisterhood of the traveling pants pants. No matter what week of the month it is, they button and look fabulous. I have them in dark wash and black and wear them constantly. Love that they come in a short version as well for 5’4” self. And if you’re a busty lady, you will find your greatest success with Torrid’s button up shirts. This crinkle flannel is amazing because it serves up plus size fall photo outfits vibes without the lumberjack look of a thicker flannel shirt (IYKYK). I’m dreaming of a fall photo shoot with boots, jeans, and this flannel over a black tank. 

3. Target long-sleeve lace dress ($35, sizes XS-4X)

This dress looks expensive but clocks in at under $40 – what??? I love the neckline detail and rich color. And because it’s a solid color, you won’t have any problem building the rest of the family’s wardrobe around this dress. This could dress up with heels and fancy jewelry or lean more casual with booties and a hat. In my experience, Knox Rose dresses fit larger bodies really well and tend to run a bit big, so I’d recommend sizing down a bit. Or do what I do – order it in all the sizes you think might fit and then return the rest. I bet this one won’t be in stock too long.

4. Old Navy fit & flare long-sleeved mini dress ($44.99, sizes XS-4X)

This one’s for my mamas who are going full on Christmas card with their plus size fall photo outfits this year. I love the square neck, cute tartan print, and shorter length of this dress. And it would be super cute with any of the boys in your family decked out in matching bow ties or suspenders! You may remember from previous years but as a little teapot (short and stout LOL) I do not look good in maxi dresses. Knee length or shorter is more flattering on me and I love this vibe for fall photos because it says holiday without saying winter.

5. One loved babe ready for romance dress ($60, sizes 1X-3X)

The pattern on this dress had me at hello. From a distance it looks like a cheetah print but it’s actually tiny fall leaves. I love the romantic neckline and sleeves, the drape of the skirt – all of it. Dressing it up with heels and a cute pair of earrings would look amazing with a more formal look for the whole family. This one’s a little longer too for my taller folks out there who don’t want to show a mile of leg. 

Now it’s time to book your photo session

So now that you’ve solved the hardest challenge of family photos this fall, it’s time to book your session with Maddie before her calendar fills up. Her 15-minute mini sessions are perfect for first timers or folks with energetic kids who might not make it through a longer photoshoot.  

Working with her is always fun and stress-free and I absolutely LOVE that every year, I’m ready to go with a gorgeous photo of our family to put on holiday cards, updated shots of my kids to gift to great grandmas, and stunning images and display on our gallery wall. It’s a win-win-win

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