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I like giggling with children, being silly, snuggling newborns, and making sure mamas get in the picture. I’m so glad you’re here! Please click around to get a feel for me and how I capture beauty in the everyday mess of life. 

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Steal My At Home Newborn Session Outfit Guide for the Whole Family

Need some ideas for your upcoming newborn session? The last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to find the right outfit for everyone. So my at home newborn session outfit guide has something for everyone, all in one place!

Of course, I suggest selecting clothing that complements your style, personality, and surroundings. It’s important to remember that the newborn session is about capturing your family’s story, so choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident.

Newborn Session Outfit Guide: Newborn

For the newborn, I recommend selecting clothing that is simple, comfortable, and easy to change. Neutral colors and soft fabrics work well and can provide a timeless look that will remain classic even as your baby grows up. I typically advise parents to avoid clothing with large prints or logos, as they can be distracting and take away from the focus on the baby.

Newborn Session Outfit Guide: Mom & Dad

For parents, I suggest choosing clothing that complements the newborn’s outfit. Neutral colors such as white, cream, beige, and gray tend to work best. Dresses, blouses, and skirts are perfect options for mothers, while fathers can opt for casual henley and pants. If you’re looking for more dress ideas for mom you can shop At Home Newborn Photo Outfits for Mom.

Newborn Session Outfit Guide: Siblings (Toddlers & Older Kids)

For siblings, it’s best to stick to a similar color palette as the rest of the family. This creates a cohesive look. Overall, the key to a successful newborn photo session at home is to keep the outfits simple, comfortable, and timeless.

I hope this helps with your upcoming at home newborn session! And don’t forget, make sure to book your newborn session before you have the baby. If baby comes early or late we can always move things around, but it’s easier to put it on the calendar before baby gets here, than trying to figure it all out in the first few days and weeks that baby is here.

Lastly, if you’re trying to decide between a studio session and an at home session, you can read more about the two in my blog post Lifestyle Newborn Session versus Studio Newborn Session.

Newborn session outfit guide

Capture your precious moments with me! Book a photography session today and let’s laugh, play and capture the details of your unique story. Whether it’s a family session, engagement shoot, or newborn session, I’m dedicated to capturing the beauty and emotions that make your memories last a lifetime. Don’t wait, schedule your session now and let’s create magic together!

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