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I like giggling with children, being silly, snuggling newborns, and making sure mamas get in the picture. I’m so glad you’re here! Please click around to get a feel for me and how I capture beauty in the everyday mess of life. 

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12 Spring Family Photos Outfits Ideas for the Last Minute Mom

Spring is a wonderful time to take family photos! With the flowers blooming and the warm weather, it’s the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful memories with your loved ones. But when it comes to spring family photo outfits, choosing the perfect item can be a challenge. If you’re looking for inspiration for your spring family photos, read on for some spring family photos outfit suggestions for the whole family.

family dressed in spring colors walking through an almond orchard. Spring Family photos outfits ideas.

Spring Family Photos Outfits for Mom

This year I am loving a floral look for mom! It’s a fun way to add patterns and celebrate the spring energy in the air. I lean towards pastels for spring but rich deep colors also pop in the spring, so it really comes down to personal preference.

Family Photo Outfits for Dad

Let’s normalize dads feeling comfortable and excited for family photos. In my experience, a big part of that is dad wears something that feels familiar yet elevated. If he normally wears a t-shirt and jeans then maybe try a nicer pair of jeans with a henley top. If he normally wears solid neutral colors, stick with it! Don’t try something new for photos because often times people end up focusing more on their new outfit than interacting with their family and being present.

Outfits for 6-10 Year Old Girls

Big fans of twirly dresses in this house, so all of these get the green light! These are dresses that I recommend if your daughter loves dresses. If your daughter is not a dress kind of girl then ditch the dresses and put her in something that lets her personality shine and makes her feel comfortable. There are a lot of cute jumpsuits for spring and that would be really fun for family photos.

Outfits for 2-5 Year Old Boys

With the boys in the family, during the spring I love a warm neutral. Again, you want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with whatever they’re wearing.  If your son prefers sneakers to dress shoes, let him wear sneakers. The options below are solid colors, but don’t be afraid to mix in some patterns if that’s more your style!

If you’re ready to book your spring family session, learn more about my sessions and see if we would be a good fit! Or leave a comment if you have any questions about other spring family photo outfits!

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