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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Raise your hand if Dad is the hardest person to shop for. Yes, definitely! I don’t know what it is but when Father’s Day comes around I never know what to get my dad or husband. It’s a tricky business finding something practical and useful or just plain fun. This year I did careful research on Dad gifts that hit the sweet spot to make Father’s Day preparations easier for everyone involved. Check out these Father’s Day gifts ideas below!

Father's Day Gifts Ideas

Finn-Matching Dad and Son Swim Trunks

I came across this brand on Etsy and thought they were the cutest! Especially going into the summer months a swimsuit is practical, fun, and definitely something they need. It checks all the boxes! There are lots of different brands out there but I liked Finn the best. Also this is a great way to support a small business! It looks like a win-win!

Walker Family Goods-Travel Bags

If your guy loves to travel, Walker Family Goods has lots of different travel bags on their site. Their bags are a great investment because they are durable and will last forever. As you can see I’m really a fan of practical AND fun gifts. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Bluff Point Golf – Golf Certificate

An activity or “getaway” is a big win in our house. Our local golf course in Fresno is open for business and they sell gift certificates. Check your local golf course and see if that is an option. If your guy isn’t into golfing, tweak the idea a little. Does he like…Bowling? Paintballing? Axe Throwing? Massage? It can go anyway!

Amazon Gift Card

If all else fails, Amazon is your answer! Give your guy the gift of choice and let him pick out the perfect gift. You still get the credit and you lose the stress of actually trying to find the perfect gift yourself. Besides you can’t go wrong with the luxury of Amazon Prime Shipping.

Finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful. There are lots of ways to show that you’re a fan of the guy in your life. What are your Father’s Day gifts ideas? Comment them below and let’s help each other out!

father's day gifts ideas father tossing son in air
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