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5 Things That Should Be Included in Your Photography Session

choose a family photographer

When you choose a family photographer, most people look for someone local and with an editing and posing style that they like. These are two really important pieces but you shouldn’t stop there. There are a few other things that are important to look into when you choose a family photographer. These additional things usually reflect additional skills, expertise, and education and they elevate your experience and the quality of your photos.

If you’re choosing a family photographer, you should look for these 5 additional inclusions:

1. Photo Prep Guide

A photographer that does a little hand-holding is going to make you feel comfortable and at ease, from the moment you book your session to the minute you get your gallery back. A prep guide is part of that. Prep guides help you know exactly what to expect in your session, how to prepare, and everything else you would want to know.

2. Photo Outfit Tips

You shouldn’t feel abandoned when it comes to finding clothes. Choose a family photographer who will help you coordinate outfits. As photographers, we know that clothes are a pain point for our clients. Look for a photographer who’s put a lot of effort into relieving this pain point and making this an easy step forward. For example, I have a lot of resources for my clients to use including Style & Select and Amazon Storefront which allows them to find and plan everyone’s outfit in a simple and easy way!

3. Experience posing/connecting with children

Whether you’re interested in posed photography or a more candid look finding someone who has the experience and is skilled at knowing how to pose your family members is critical. I think it might be in the top 3 for me. Especially if you’re planning a posed newborn session.

4. Slideshow of images

Pay attention to extras! A photographer who wants you to truly have an incredible experience from start to finish is going to do little things to get you excited about your pictures and help you experience your photos in a variety of ways. For example, I give each of my clients a photo slideshow to music. It’s a fun way to sit down and enjoy your photos before going through your gallery. You also get to keep your slideshow and watch it for years to come. It’s a mini family video and I love it.

5. Print credit

This is an amazing add-on because oftentimes times it’s the little push you need to actually print your images. If a photographer offers this it means they’re going to make sure that the quality of your photos is perfect because they’ll help you through the process of picking prints and sizes. This could be the difference between your photos sitting on a USB drive and actually hanging in your home.

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