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Best Places to Print Your Photos

If you’ve been around for a minute you know that I am passionate about people printing their photos. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the whole reason you’re getting your photos taken! Print your photos! That said, I also have an opinion about where and how you should print your pictures. Not all picture printing businesses are created equal and it will affect the quality of your photos and how they turn out. Here are the 3 best places to print your photos.

1. With your photographer

If you can print through your photographer, I recommend this as my first choice. Photographers can have access to some great printing businesses that you wouldn’t have access to as a non-photographer. Printing with your photographer means that you will have high-quality photos that capture the true colors and quality of the photos. This is the best option because you’re guaranteed high-quality photos.

2. Somewhere local – (for Fresno residents it’s Horn photo)

My next suggestion is to pick a local printing business. If you’re a Fresno resident, I love to use Horn Photos. I recommend going somewhere local because it gives you the opportunity to talk to a professional and make sure you are getting the quality and style of photos that you want. If you’re picking local that doesn’t mean going to Staples or Walgreens. Please avoid Walgreens because the color quality is not going to be very good and your photos aren’t going to turn out. Just trust me on this.

3. Mpix or Artifact Uprising if you need to print online

If you do decide to get your photos printed online I recommend Mpix or Artifact Uprising. Printing online isn’t ideal but you can still have really high-quality photos with these two options. Please avoid Shutterfly if you’re printing online. I know they have great deals but the color quality is not going to be great and in the most eloquent way I can express, those beautiful photos you’re so excited about will be “blah”. Stay away from “blah” photos!

If you have any questions about printing photos, reach out to me and I am happy to talk to you about the best options for you! If you’re working with me, you’ll have a printing credit with your gallery and I will help you choose different ways to print your photos and make sure the quality is perfect.

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