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4 Stylish Ways to Display Your Family Photos

Some people think it’s impossible to maintain the clean lines of a home while displaying family photos. Well, I’m here to prove them wrong! There are lots of stylish ways to display family photos so that they will easily fit into the style and design of your home whether it’s a rustic farmhouse or sleek modern. Don’t let your new lovely photos sit in a drawer, let’s get them out and cover the walls! Okay, maybe that’s overkill but these ideas are my tried and true go-to ways to display family photos and I promise you can’t go wrong.

ways to display family photos

1. Photo ledges

The easiest, zero commitment, change-your-mind-often ways to display family photos!! Hang some cute ledges in any room in your home and go to town decorating and redecorating with family photos, seasonal pieces, and classic items. You can make them more overcrowded if you want a warm, busier look or you can create a very minimal modern look with only a few items and photos here and there. The best part is it’s so easy to change! I just hung some shelves in my family room and I love adding seasonal decorations and easily updating new photos.

The thing I love most about gallery walls is that they are incredibly easy to personalize for the space, the style, and the aesthetic that you want. If you want a more uniform and structured look then make it a grid gallery wall using the same frames, shapes, and colors and hang photos that have the same editing and coloring. If you want something more unique then mix it up a little. Or a lot, it’s up to you!

Try varying shapes, sizes, and colors with your frames. You could mix photo colors, like black and white, and color or photos from different years. Also, you don’t need a big blank wall to have a gallery wall. Hang it down a hallway, in your kitchen, etc. You can be as creative with the placement as you want!

3. Oversized photos

These are beautiful and I love to see them in an office, a hallway, or even over a couch. They aren’t too busy because they are normally hung in 2 or 3 but they can bring a lot of color into a room. Or if they are printed in black and white, they can be a great neutral as well. If you decide to commit to oversized, measure out your space first before you order the prints and the frames. You want to make sure that they are a good size and look for that space.

4. Sprinkled frames

Now this one reminds me a little of my grandma’s house but the eclectic look is coming back! (Pinterest backs me up on this, go check it out!) I’m talking about the different frames of all shapes, sizes, and styles scattered in rooms and on desks and shelves all around the house. I love this idea because it makes the photos so much more accessible. Your photos are placed right in your line of sight and oftentimes in a high-traffic area of your home.

If you need some more ways to display family photos, check out this blog post or my Pinterest Board, I offer even more ways to display your photos. In the end, find a way that works best for you! If it means your photos are hanging on the fridge then do that! The last thing I want is for your beautiful family photos to end up shoved in a drawer somewhere or never even printed. Don’t overthink it, just pick a spot and start printing those photos!

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