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How to Creatively Display Christmas Cards

I LOVE receiving Christmas cards, seeing how other people display Christmas cards, AND my kids love any excuse to open mail so they are a big deal in our house. It’s so fun to see how people have changed over the year and to read about what they have been up to. I’m so glad that it’s a tradition that continues to live on despite technology. If you’re anything like our family, you end up with lots of Christmas cards, and then you’re left wondering where to display all those pretty pictures of your loved ones. Here are a couple of creative and super easy ways to display Christmas cards.

how to display christmas cards

Christmas card wall display

This one has lots of room for interpretation which I think is really fun. In our house, we use painter’s tape and make a giant collage to display Christmas cards on a wall in our kitchen. We just keep adding cards as they come and then by the end of December, it’s full of friends and family. If you want to take a more creative approach you could arrange the cards into different shapes, like a tree or star on the wall.

Placed in a bowl or tray

This is a fun option because they’re easily accessible and can be riffled through whenever someone’s around. My friend has a bowl on her kitchen island that holds all the Christmas cards. This is a nice option to display Christmas cards because it keeps the cards contained, requires absolutely no work, and still looks nice and intentional. You could even put the bowl or tray on your coffee table or the kitchen table, so when everyone is gathered, you can look through them together.

Hung from twine with clothespins

We did this last year and it was a really cute decoration! Tie some twine or string in front of your fireplace and use clothespins to hang your Christmas cards. I’ve also seen people hang their Christmas cards over windows and that looks really nice as well. I love it when decorations are also functional. It’s a win-win for me!

Christmas card wreath

If you’re feeling crafty you can make a card wreath and reuse it every year. I found a DIY tutorial here, that seems pretty simple. This would be fun to hang in your kitchen or living room where everyone can see it and add cards to it.

A long piece of ribbon from your pantry door

Attach a long festive ribbon to a door and then add the cards with clothespins. This is super easy and temporary which might be right up your alley during this crazy time of the year. Just make sure that your ribbon is attached firmly so that once your ribbon is heavy with cards it doesn’t come tumbling down.

And while you display Christmas cards you receive, don’t forget to put yours up there as well! You worked hard on getting those family photos and then making a card to send out on time. That’s major points! If you use a photo from one of our sessions, I’d love to receive a card from you!!

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