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I like giggling with children, being silly, snuggling newborns, and making sure mamas get in the picture. I’m so glad you’re here! Please click around to get a feel for me and how I capture beauty in the everyday mess of life. 

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My Outdoor Fresno, CA Photo Locations

One thing I love about being a family photographer in the Central Valley is the variety of Fresno photography locations to choose from. No matter what your personal preference is, I know I have a location that will feel like it fits with the spirit of your family and your home. I handpicked each of my locations because they offer something unique to sessions and I love being able to take families to places that I am familiar with. Take a look at my favorite Fresno photography locations below and see which one matches best with your family!

Fresno photography locations

Lost Lake

What is great about this location is that it is full of wide-open spaces and so much fun greenery to play with during our session. It has a very natural feel to it with tall grass and little hills in the background. Also, there are really beautiful places to take some photos in the water and with rocks along the shore. I did a maternity session there that turned out completely magical and whimsical.

Woodward Park

 A classic Fresno favorite right here. Woodward Park is great for cake smash sessions or family sessions with small children because it’s more manicured and it’s easy to navigate. This location is a nice compromise between having that natural outdoor session with tall trees and great lighting without having to worry about dragging your little ones up hills and across dusty roads. I know how hard it took to get them camera-ready so let’s make the session location as easy as possible!

Cottonwood Park

This is another great location for families with small children. I love to have family sessions here because of the tall Cottonwood trees. Let me tell you, they are the perfect background for family photos. Cottonwood Park is manicured and easy to get to which again is nice for small children. I took a family session here where they had extended family come as well and the photos turned out beautiful.

Horse Trail

I love this location because I found it myself and it is not commonly known by other Central Valley photographers. The location is a bit more difficult to get to because you have to walk a dusty trail to get there but it is full of tall green grasses and the glowy sunlight is absolutely magical. I have some beautiful shots of families with that beautiful clear California sky behind them. It’s just perfect! Also, it’s good to note that some families love and feel more comfortable with the privacy of this location so keep that in mind as well.

San Joaquin River Parkway

This location offers a lot of different looks which is fun for families to pick through which look is best for them. You can choose between including water, trails, or a vineyard. There is an arbor, an old house that I have taken photos of which is very unique if you want a little more structure. But at the same time if you want that outdoorsy feel then the Parkway is full of big palm trees and seasonal trees as well. You really can have it all.

Downtown Fresno-Urban

This is for all my urban people! Now don’t knock the urban location all my natural people because there are some fun locations here as well. I have taken family sessions and senior sessions in downtown Fresno and the best thing is there is definitely something for everyone. I mean who doesn’t love beautiful brick or sitting on the steps of the city college? Classic looks that are timeless.

Wildwood Native Park

This is my absolute favorite location because it has so many things that I love. Lots of trees, lots of grass, water, and a bridge. Because who doesn’t love a family photo on a bridge? The great thing about this place is that it is a happy balance of easy to get to for those small children but still has a little wild to it which makes for beautiful photos. I’ve done family sessions, cake smashes, senior sessions, and more here. It really is a location that fits the bill for most sessions.

The Central Valley has so many cool locations and that’s one of the reasons I love being a photographer here. Check on my Pinterest board to see pictures from previous sessions and figure out which one location matches your family. I can’t wait to capture the magic of the Central Valley with you!

Fresno, CA Photo Locations

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