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I like giggling with children, being silly, snuggling newborns, and making sure mamas get in the picture. I’m so glad you’re here! Please click around to get a feel for me and how I capture beauty in the everyday mess of life. 

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Fall Family Photo Outfits for this Year

We made it to September which means fall family photo outfits are here! Can you believe that the holiday season is right around the corner? It’s crazy how time flies during these next couple of months. But before it flies by and we celebrate 2021, make sure and get your Fall Family photos! I still have some weekend times available, so head over to the contact section of my blog and sign up.

On top of that, I have fall family photo outfits planned out for the entire family, so you don’t even have to worry about that! There are lots of fun colors to play with this fall, but I based these looks on some of the colors that I think will photograph the best. Let me know what you think!

Fall Family Photo Outfits Option #1

My number one tip is to make sure you have a good balance of neutrals in your clothes. Neutrals are so important because they help create a balance in your photos. Most of the time, the boys of the family end up with neutrals just because it’s the easiest.

I liked this outfit group because Dad and Daughter ended up being the neutrals. Also, don’t be afraid of including accessories. Fall is a perfect time to break out the cute coats, boots, and felt hats.

fall family photo outfits

Mom Dress:

Dad Sweater:

Dad Pants:

Boy Sweater:

Boy Pants:

Girl Dress:

Girl Felt Hat:

Fall Family Photo Outfits Option #2

Jumpers! Hey Mom, if a dress isn’t your thing, don’t force it! Pick something that you love, whether it’s jeans and a blouse, a skirt and a sweater, or a jumper! I thought this one was just so beautiful. This outfit group is the perfect combination of casual with Dad wearing jeans and daughter wearing a skirt or dress. Don’t be afraid to mix casual and a little fancy-schmancy together. Usually, it makes a nice blend.

Mom Jumper:

Dad Sweater:

Dad Jeans:

Older Girl Sweater:!860!3!340275099002!!!g!309247141339!&gclid=CjwKCAjwnef6BRAgEiwAgv8mQRmD6uxCrHE1IH_g7d4T5EvVZpeBljNkVVSVObGdlxtVfKna5JYILBoChUUQAvD_BwE

Older Girl Skirt:

Little Girl Dress:

Fall Family Photo Outfits Option #3

Don’t be afraid of patterns! You can incorporate some cheetah print or florals or both into your photos! The key is making sure that you have solid neutrals to create your balance. Not everyone should be rocking Cheetah unless that’s your vibe and then I say you do you!

Mom Dress:

Dad Sweater:|Shopping|Google|

Dad Pants:

Older Boy Sweater:

Older Boy Pants:

Older Girl Dress:

Baby Girl Onesie and Dress Set:

If you need more guidance, check out my blog post about finding everyone’s outfit at Target. Or check out my friend Lauren’s blog post about finding plus-size dresses! I have lots of resources to help make this process easy. But I have to remind you that in the end, they are YOUR family photos, so your opinion matters the most.

Put your people in clothes that they feel comfortable and happy in. If it just so happens that your son loves his grey sweatshirt more than anything, I bet there’s a way to incorporate it into the group outfit. Because after all is said and done, you’ll be so focused on the smiles and laughs and snuggles that what you wear doesn’t matter.

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