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Outfit Guide for Beach Family Photos

beach outfit guide for family photos

It’s June which means Morro Bay Beach Sessions are here and so is my Beach Outfit Guide for Family Photos! If you haven’t signed up yet, there are still a couple of spots available. For those of you who have booked your spot, it’s time for the next important step: finding clothes for everyone and this is where my beach outfit guide for family photos comes in. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by this step so I wanted to share two different look examples that would work really well with a beach session. All of the clothes are from stores that I love to use for my client closet as well as my personal closet.

This first family look is slightly nicer when it comes to a casual look for the beach. The colors are leaning more natural because I really like that look and I think it looks really nice with the beach location. You’ll see in both the looks I tried to keep the style look pretty simple to show that you don’t need to get outfits that you’ll never wear again for family photos. Most of the time, we can find outfits for the whole family between your closet and my client closet.

Beach Outfit Guide for Family Photos: Option 1

Mom’s Dress:

Dad’s Shirt:

Dad’s Pants:

Girl’s Dress:

Boy’s Shirt:

Boy’s Shorts:

Beach Outfit Guide for Family Photos: Option 2

The second look is more casual and equally perfect for the beach look. I’m talking shorts for the boys! You could go even more casual and put everyone in shorts! You really can’t go wrong with a beach session, which is one of the many reasons that I love them.

Mom’s Dress:

Dad’s Shirt:

Dad’s Shorts:

Girl’s Dress:

Boy’s Shirt:,12413545,onproduct1_rr_1&clink=12413545#pdp-page-content

Boy’s Shorts:

If you have any future questions, please reach out to me! Don’t let your closet stop you from coming. Ask to look through my client closet and I will be happy to brainstorm options with you. I can’t wait to see you all in Morro Bay!

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