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I like giggling with children, being silly, snuggling newborns, and making sure mamas get in the picture. I’m so glad you’re here! Please click around to get a feel for me and how I capture beauty in the everyday mess of life. 

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5 At Home Photoshoot ideas and the Reasons to Book Yours!

At home photoshoot ideas

I recently read a fellow photographer, Natalie Dyer’s, blog post on why you should book an in-home family lifestyle session and was inspired to write my 5 reasons for booking an in-home session and share some at home photoshoot ideas, especially as we approach the hot hot months of the summer in Fresno, CA. Not only do we get to beat the heat, but in-home lifestyle sessions add a very unique element to a photography session compared to outdoor sessions.

I firmly believe that everyone should try an in-home session at least once and here’s a few at home photoshoot ideas:

In-Home Lifestyle sessions are relaxed, fun, and capture the magic of your home.

It’s your home so everyone, from dads to kids, feels more comfortable and at ease. I have found that during In-Home sessions it doesn’t take as long for kids to open up and get comfortable in front of the camera because they’re already in a safe space.

Family lifestyle sessions in your home capture real and personal moments of family life and parenthood.

Right now, I’m doing my motherhood minis which are all about capturing the real activities and interactions you have with your kids – playing games, dancing, reading books, and more. A family lifestyle session will capture the same authenticity.

In-Home Sessions capture your home in all its glory.

Now don’t let that scare you. We will be mindful of avoiding messes and it’s good to go around with a laundry basket and collect anything out of place and stick it in a closet. But your home is where life is happening and it deserves to be captured as well. The other cool element is that you get to take photos in somewhat unconventional places that carry a lot of meaning and significance like your kitchen or backyard around the pool.

Air conditioning!

Escaping the heat is a huge plus because no one wants to take photos when they’re feeling sweaty. If you’ve got little kids, in-home family sessions also help prevent meltdowns from heat but we can still capture that beautiful Fresno, CA light coming in through your windows.

Family at-home lifestyle sessions capture an intimate look into your life and your family.

In-home sessions are going to capture interactions that aren’t going to happen during an outdoor session. Not saying one is better than the other but the environment you take photos in can play a part in the type of photos you’ll get. In-home lifestyle photos are going to have unique moments you can’t get in an outdoor session.

Capture your precious moments with me! Book a photography session today and let’s laugh, play and capture the details of your unique story. Whether it’s a family session, engagement shoot, or newborn session, I’m dedicated to capturing the beauty and emotions that make your memories last a lifetime. Don’t wait, schedule your session now and let’s create magic together!

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