Learn how to eliminate overwhelm in your photography business and lean into automations so you can prioritize your family while booking more clients.

The Intentional Photographer minimind

Introducing the ....

Join my 10-week course and coaching program to feel successful and satisfied with your business.

I figured out all the things that made my life easier and let me move my business forward with minimal effort. Sign up for my course to get all of those same automations, plans, and workflows that will make your life easier so you can get back in control of your business while booking more, taking care of your clients and getting more inquiries.

and I wanted to be productive.

I wanted to be in charge,

I personally love getting organized. When I started my photography business, I worked hard to figure out what I needed to do to grow it.

I used every spare minute while kids were napping or down for the night, knowing I had to be organized and streamlined in order to make the most of the time I had to work on my business. I didn’t want it to take over my time as a mom, I didn’t want to feel like it was running my life...

Hi, I’m Maddie, and I’ve been a family and newborn photographer for 5 years.

Confidently change your life and your business.

Know that when you send a review request, your client is only going to rave about you

You’re fully automated and your onboarding process is literally one click

Can take a whole day off on the spot because your kid wakes up sick

Imagine your business when you…

I can share a clear path to follow so you can feel relaxed about your business while knowing you are taking care of your clients 100%.

And while I can’t automatically get you organized,

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re more than capable of creating a fully booked business with clients who rave about you, while getting to spend your time with your family.

I know you’d love nothing more than to sit and play with your kids while knowing you have a fully organized and automated business that keeps trucking along even if you don’t work for more than an hour that day.

Instead, you’ll create a booming business that you love to work, and that your clients love to experience.

Your kid asking for dinner, but you keep telling them 5 more minutes because you have just one more contract to send off

Looking at your bank account at the end of the year and wondering “did I actually make anything?”

Staring at an empty blog post trying to figure out what the heck to write about

Think about how good it would feel to never panic again in the middle of the night wondering if you forgot to take care of that one thing for that one client.

No more…

Here's what’s waiting for you inside

The Intentional Photographer Mini-Mind

First week, you’ll go through the module and apply any homework/templates to your business. The following week, you, your cohort and I will meet via zoom to discuss what you learned, answer any questions you have, and troubleshoot any difficulties that pop up. I’ll be holding your hand, making sure you’re getting things done the whole way through! 

Bi-weekly Zoom Meetings to troubleshoot

To make it super easy for you, you’ll get email templates, workflow recommendations, blog post idea list, welcome guide template, and a growth tracking sheet. I have spent years creating and using these, and now you get them all ready to go! 


In these bite-sized modules, I’m giving you the exact things I do in my business to align with my priorities, set boundaries with clients, automate your business, market your business, and track your success and growth.


plus these epic bonuses!

When you enroll now, you’ll get exclusive access to:

Newsletter Idea List

Having an email list is super important. Making sure you’re connecting with those subscribers regularly (and not just when you’re ready to sell) is also super important. This idea list makes writing a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter easy peasy. 

Prep Guide Mini Template

Having a prep guide anticipates your clients needs while making life easier for you. You’ll get my mini prep guide template, fully customizable for you and your business to help take the stress of your clients and yourself.  

payment plans available

let's break it down ↓

$1000 off!



Best Savings


3 monthly payments

Best Value



Best Plan

let's break it down ↓

introductory offer: 

Income tracking strategies to visualize year over year growth

Marketing routine and loads of fresh ideas

Website maintenance plan (SEO, blogging, portfolio)

Automated client connection workflow with multiple touch points

When you implement everything inside The Intentional Photographer, you’re going to walk away with massive results like:

How good does all of this sound?

This is the life-changing magic that’s waiting for you.

let's break it down

Walk through identifying what your priorities are for all aspects of your life, not just work and find a way to fit in your top priorities in a way that enhances your life instead of overwhelming it.

How to identify and accomplish your priorities

Module One


Based off of your priorities, know what your boundaries are and get ideas for how to keep those while still keeping a positive and proactive connection with your clients. 

How to set boundaries and proactively connect with clients

Module Two


Automation doesn’t have to be scary or make your clients feel like they’re just a cog. You can automate so you have more time for your priorities, an easier time with maintaining boundaries, all while making life easier for you and your clients. 

How to automate business processes to free up time

Module Three


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I’ve got an outline and plan for how to market your business and do it in a way that is easy to maintain.

How to market your business

Module Four


If you don’t already track your stats, you’ll get an overview of why it’s important, and how knowing that data can help your business grow and dictate your marketing, priorities, and client connection moving forward. 

How to track success and growth over time

Module five


Keep chugging along feeling stressed out and wondering if you’re actually doing everything you need to do to take care of your clients and grow your business. 

or ↓

So, you can either:

Grabbing quick tips from instagram reels is a great way to get a few new ideas...

but when you want to get fully organized and have a plan for moving forward...

Let’s take you out of stress and overwhelm and instead help you run your business with a plan and ease.

you need more of an advanced strategy. 

You can get a little uncomfortable

and push past your doubt to become your organized self, living in alignment with your priorities both in your personal life and in your business.

The fact of the matter is it comes down to you deciding.

Taking advantage of this will open up a new world of possibilities.

Are not ready to make an investment in your business

Are not ready to make some changes

Are looking for a quick fix

Are not ready to do the work

this mini-mind is NOT for you if you:

Not sure how to implement the tech side of things because of overwhelm

want to have a plan, but can't implement it

Can’t get seem to get ahead

Can’t get ahold of your business

This Mini-mind is for you if you:

You’ll join a Facebook group with your cohort where you can ask each other questions or ask questions for me there. You’ll also get bi-weekly access to me via zoom for a total of 5, 1 hour sessions. 

How much access do I have of you Maddie?

Tuesday January 24, 2023. Program runs for 10 weeks. Module 1 will be released on 1/24/23 and the following week 1/31/23 will be the zoom call to discuss Module 1. The remaining weeks will follow in that same pattern. The final zoom will be 3/28/23.

When does the program start?

I’ve got you covered.

Have a couple of questions before you hit “apply”? 

Let’s address the most common questions…

I have space for 10 amazing women!

How many women are you accepting?

I’m not sure when I’ll be hosting this mini-mind again. You can wait and see but no guarantees that this will be available in this format in the future. 

Can I join next time, I want to diy it right now?

Some weeks are more time heavy than others depending on the module. I would plan on about 2 hours a week working on the homework for each module. Some weeks will be much less (20 minutes) some weeks will be more (3-4 hrs). It also depends on how comfortable you are with working in a CRM or on your website.

What is the time commitment for the homework?

You know you’re bigger and better than this, and this is your opportunity to prove it to yourself.

If you’re ready for an intentional and organized photography business then this is the answer you’ve been searching the internet for.

It’s not a quick fix. It’s all of my best tips and tricks for re-aligning with your personal and professional priorities, and streamlining your work

The Intentional Photographer is here for you if you want to have an organized and intentional photography business. 

so you can live your best life.