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You Need These 5 Photos for Your Business

Woman rifling through magazines and color swatches on table

Brand photography is critical for growing credibility and brand awareness, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when you’re at the very beginning.

Ultimately you’ll want a range of photos so you have variety on your website, social platforms, and marketing campaigns. But we’re starting with the basics.

Here are the 5 photos you need for your business and how to capture them.

  1. Lifestyle – Photos of your product in action! This can sometimes require hiring models (or maybe you’ll model your product!), shooting at a location that fits with your brand story, and breathing some life into your products.

    These photos capture your product in action so then your clients can visualize how the product would work for them.

  2. Flatlays – It is what it sounds like, simple shots of your photo on a flat surface. These are traditional product photos but they still have some life in them because the flatlay can have character.

    It’s not as obvious as lifestyle, but flatlays should still tell your brand story, just in a slightly different way. These are great for your website!

  3. Detail Images – You created an incredible product! You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t believe in it and think it changes lives. Let’s highlight all of the ways that your product is different and better than competitors.

    Detail images focus on all the selling points of your product and making sure that your clients know exactly why they should buy from you.

  4. On-White Product Images – The best way to describe these is they’re the stark white product photos you see on Amazon. These are very helpful if you want product photos that are simply photos of your product, no brand story.

  5. BTS (behind the scenes) Images – These capture the story behind the product, you! Clients care about knowing the person behind the business.

    BTS images are a great way to connect with your clients and start to build a community of individuals who have the same interests or the same values as you and your brand.

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