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I like giggling with children, being silly, snuggling newborns, and making sure mamas get in the picture. I’m so glad you’re here! Please click around to get a feel for me and how I capture beauty in the everyday mess of life. 

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Milestone Photography: Miss C turns 3!

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Little Miss C was the sweetest thing. She was a bit shy at first and didn’t want to get out of her carseat to come play. But you know what? I have little children, and I get it! We looked at pictures of my kids on my phone for a bit, I asked her about her bracelet, we chatted and eventually she agreed to come out with her parents and me to do some playing! We walked over to our spot and she still felt a bit hesitant and then something clicked. She sat right on my stool (stools always make little kids feel like big kids) and we got to playing!

When I play with kids for sessions, I use a code word for them to listen to for when to do the various prompts and games I give them. My special code word is “pickles!” Once I said that, Miss C started asking for pickles! I’ve never had that happen before! My kids are all very anti pickles and I was amazed at how insistent she was on wanting one of those pickles I kept talking about! I tried offering marshmallows (my other helpful item—doesn’t get messy and isn’t too sugary that moms get annoyed. We want mom and kids happy the whole time!).

We had fun during our quick 30 minute session (perfect amount of time for a solo kid session) playing, acting like animals, jumping, running, laughing, doing all the fun things three year olds like to do! My goal is always to capture what your child is like right now, so you might see images of them pretending to be a bunny alongside images of them laughing and running. Real kids, real portraits for you to look back on and remember exactly what they were like. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, contact me! And let’s set a date to capture your little one!

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  1. Katie Baehring says:

    What adorable images! You truly captured all the cuteness of this little girl! So talented.

  2. Madison she is a little doll! She looks so relaxed and like she is having a blast! Girl, you have magic powers with little ones and it is so obvious in your work!

  3. Emiy says:

    Ooh, I’m digging this video! Such an amazing gift to her parents 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Hite Photography says:

    Such adorable photos of this sweet girl! She looks like she had so much fun at her photoshoot!

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