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I like giggling with children, being silly, snuggling newborns, and making sure mamas get in the picture. I’m so glad you’re here! Please click around to get a feel for me and how I capture beauty in the everyday mess of life. 

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Fresno Photographer: Things I’m loving lately, Baby Edition

fresno newborn photographer

As I’m wrapping up my time as a mom to little babies , I thought I’d give you a few things that I loved through each of my babies and would highly recommend to you newbie mamas or mamas looking to find some fixes.

fresno newborn photographer

1. Wipes Dispenser is the number one thing I used every day, multiple times a day with each of my babies. You simply put a brick of wipes into it and go to town. There’s a weight at the top which keeps the wipes down and allows for an easy pull. It made my life so much easier than fumbling with the wipes bag once there wasn’t enough weight in it to stay down. I got one from a friend when I had my daughter and just kept that pink one for both of my boys. I’ve had it for almost 6 years now and it’s still going strong. Highly, highly recommend!

2. Sleep Sacks. We have fleece ones for the winter and thin muslin ones for the summer. After our kids were done with swaddling, we’d switch them to these wearable blankets. Both of my boys treated them like lovies and my youngest will go to his crib, pull his sleep sack out and walk around with it, burying his face in it. I like that they have a little more coverage than just pajamas, AND! It hinders them from learning how to crawl out of the crib just a little bit longer! We love sleep sacks!

3. Wubanub. We got a wubanub at the recommendation of a friend when we had our daughter and we’ve bought a special one for each of our kids. Our daughter didn’t want to give up the binky so I eventually cut off the binky part and then she slept with and loved on the little stuffed kitty for a couple more years before she became attached to her current lovey. Our middle boy used his wubanub but decided he was done one day and never looked back at binkies! Our last still has his and loves to rub the little tail of his fox while snuggling for bedtime books. I stashed the older two’s in their baby keepsake boxes to remember in the future.

fresno newborn photographer

4. Sound machine. We have sound machines in each of our rooms for sleeping and they are a lifesaver. We lived in NYC when we had our daughter and a sound machine was a must with all the noises and sirens in the city. Once we had our second and third, we needed a noise machine to drown out the other kids during nap times. Even my husband and I sleep with a noise machine. It’s such an easy trigger for falling asleep and I think really leads to more sound sleep. We have a few different types. I know everyone loves the marcpac, but I’ve found it to not be as loud as the electronic ones, and with our babies, a loud sound machine is important!

5. Backpack diaper bag: There are a lot of cute backpack style diaper bags out there now, but I just use a simple Fjallraven Kanken. It’s a shell backpack, so there’s not a whole lot in there. But I can fit a crazy amount in there if I want. I organize it with a diaper clutch I sewed, wipes dispenser, bag with snacks, bag with extra kids clothes, and water bottle. Super easy, but hands free is the best when chasing around 1 or more kids!

6. Baby carrier. I had my first in NYC, where baby-wearing was just a necessity for getting around the city. But even with my two suburban babies, having a carrier just comes in handy and is so nice for snuggling and getting that bonding time with baby. I use a solly baby wrap when they’re under 3 months and super snuggly. I loved it more than the moby because the fabric is thinner and more breathable which is an important quality during our hot summers in the Valley. Once they got bigger, I use a Beco Gemini carrier. It’s sturdy, can forward face or go tummy to tummy and is easy to adjust between me and my husband.

What sort of baby items are your must have items? Is there anything I missed that you love and use daily?

fresno newborn photographer

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